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Launched in 2010 as the scientific division of the legal firm Floresta, Longo & Associates (FLA), the Floresta Longo Foundation  is an interdisciplinary research unit with 27 researchers and scholars,  Italian and foreign, whose work pivots  around eight fields of interest: physics (theoretical physics, cosmology, medical physics), mathematics (economic-physics, games theory, co-operative games, and application), law (international business law, international trade and transactions regulatory law, HSE, labour law, anti-money laundering measures, privacy law), visual arts and architecture (architectonic composition, restoration, and medieval art), economy (social and environmental accounting, public management), medicine (biomedicine, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, cardio genetic , and infant/neonatal reanimation) engineering (bioengineering fluid dynamics, complex system engineering, biomechanics), astronomy​. The scholars of the Floresta Longo foundation are from all around the world. Here in Sicily they are on a neural network at the foot of Mount Etna, elaborating strategies on the most sensitive issues of our times, working alongside international organizations, research institutes, universities and hospitals. Alongside technical and scientific consultation carried out for private companies and organisations, the Foundation draws support from its research activity promoted through European planning.

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