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Ad Vocatus Exam preparation course of lawyer

PremiseLogo ad vocatus

 Course sponsored by the Foundation ‘Floresta Longo’ aims to train students for the examination for the qualification to practice law.

The commitment comes from the need not only to restrict the theoretical study of the subject matter of the evidence habilitation, but to offer the candidate the opportunity to participate personally in the activity of a professional reality established as one of the ‘Firm Fla’, partners in the initiative.

The excellent results achieved by young colleagues the Firm in passing the examinations, prompted the Foundation and ‘‘Firm Fla’’ to share its experience in order to promote the set of theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to face the trials of approval forensic.

In the perspective of the Foundation “collective growth” translates into an individual commitment that is actualized in respect of the working environment in a balanced management of resources, the development of relationships of mutual respect, in the strengthening of their skills in optical personal evolution and new social value.

The ideal pursued translates into a structure of the course aimed at achieving a sharing of the values ​​that sustain the ‘‘Firm Fla’’ and its professional and human reality.

Personalized tutoring, placement in teamwork, conducting research case law targeted professional development of opinions, drafting of legal documents are some of the activities that characterize an innovative teaching approach, aimed at teaching techniques editorials for the processing and production of proceedings object of competition tests.

Alternation of practical and theoretical are the building blocks of a learning experience that has as its primary goal, not merely preparation for a competition, but the formation of a professional able to interpret their professional role in the social context in which it operates.


The methodological framework and contents of the course are taken care by the ‘Scientific Management’ and the ‘Scientific Committee’.

The two organizations aim to form a program of lessons containing issues of greater relevance to the examination and the legal issues that enrich the educational background of the individual student.

The Scientific Committee is a permanent body that coordinates all the scientific activity of the Foundation ‘Floresta Longo’.

It is composed of academics from different backgrounds who have combined their experiences in pursuit of the objectives that the Foundation has adopted in its statutes.

The Scientific Director’s role is to select the topics sensitive for the purposes of the preparation course the qualifying exam.

Composed of academics, forensic and judiciary, the governing body aims to explore the topics in the course of the last years have been the subject of study of doctrine and jurisprudence on which will focus the training course.

The Department also collaborates with the lawyers of the ‘Firm Fla’ in order to harmonize the structure of the theoretical to the practical lessons.

Purpose of the Course

The course aims to give the candidate the theoretical and methodological tools to address the written test.

The goal will be achieved through the study of the main legal institutions, path analysis jurisprudential reference and exercise practice on evidence being examined.

The lessons are designed to give the candidate the theoretical basis and techniques for the development of clear and thorough ‘legal advice’ and ‘procedural document’.

Analysis of the legal system, identifying the underlying legal issue, research legal guidelines, elaboration of the defensive line, argumentative technique and dialectic are the central points on which attention will be focused in the lessons of the course.

Methodological approach

The mix of theory and practice is the key element the proposed method.

The lectures will focus on the theoretical treatment of the main legal institutions and problems related thereto, as well as, on practical exercises.

Particular attention will be devoted to the study of the technical drafting of the written test.

To this end, the course includes the analysis of the structure of the ‘reasoned opinion’ and argumentative techniques for the preparation of the argumentation of the topic and the legal act.

Argumentation and presentation skills, use of the codes, time management are the practical aspects that will be studied during the course.

The student will thus learn to draw the only elaborated with the help of instruments admitted to the written tests.

The activity is aimed at developing the ability to interpret the meaning of track and refine the use of proper legal terminology.

The teaching

The teaching will be carried out by the members of the ‘‘Firm Fla’’, by area managers and professionals, academics and judges, that the Foundation Floresta Longo involve the preparation course.

It is essential that each lesson is given by professionals specializing in different area (civil law, criminal law), in order to combine theoretical and practical skills in dealing with individual topics.

To individual students we will also be assigned a personal tutor who will join in the activity of study.

Course features

The course is structured in theoretical lessons and practical.

There are 10 lessons specifically dedicated to dealing with issues of interest insolvency, 10 meetings for the test simulation, and several meetings with the heads of area dedicated to the performance of specific and selected activities of professional.

  1. a) The lectures

The theoretical training of students is a prerequisite for passing the test enabler.

The systematic study of the main legal institutions is considered, therefore, critical to any candidate.

In this perspective, the course will be organized in 10 lectures: 2 on the technical preparation of the opinion and the legal act in civil and criminal matters, the fourth in the field of civil law and 4 in the field of criminal law.

- Lessons of drafting technique

They will be explained to the candidate dialectical techniques aimed at developing their skills in order to prepare its argumentative opinion civil and criminal matters and drafting of the legal act.

It is crucial for a good performance in the different tests to the competition, support the part of the reasons elaborated on the basis of a compelling technical argument to show the reasoning skills of the candidate.

For these reasons, in the course will be treated with special care this profile with specific meetings held by experts in the field.

Classes will run for two hours devoted to the theoretical treatment of the chosen.

During the lesson will be selected issues that will be of practical exercises, individual and group.

Specific meetings will be dedicated to the simulation exams and participation in the activities of the ‘‘Firm Fla’’.

The timing and modalities of implementation of these activities will be coordinated by the area based on the needs of the ‘‘Firm Fla’’ and of course.

  1. b) The practical exercises

The exercises are a critical step in preparing the qualifying exam.

The novum characterizing the course proposed by the Foundation ‘Floresta Longo’ is the way it is meant preparing ‘practice’ of the participant.

In particular there are provided two forms of exercise.

The first of traditional character, focused on preparing in the classroom for multiple tracks involving sensitive topics for the selection procedure.

The students will have 5 hours from the dictation of the track for the preparation of the opinion or of the judicial act.

The works carried out in the classroom will be corrected by the teacher reference and delivered to participants along with an evaluation board.

To ensure continuous operation in the drafting of the legal opinion of the judicial and teachers will select, in addition, some cases that the candidate may terminate outside the classroom and simulations that will be read and corrected individually with the teacher.

In both cases, correction of papers is individual.

The correction will identify their uncertainties and gaps in order to improve. One careful evaluation and customized entries is able to highlight those aspects on which the participant will have more focus.

For this reason, the judgment of the teacher will be organized and will take into consideration all aspects affecting the success of such written spelling, clarity of style, logic, reasoning and the originality of technical analysis – legal.

The second provides for the allocation of opinions and legal acts rendered in the professional activity of the firm, in order to place the student in a real working environment.

To this end, each student will be assigned periodically to different areas of the ‘‘Firm Fla’’ (criminal, contracts, labor law) for collaborating in the Firm.

The purpose is twofold.

First teaching. The course wants to prepare fully the aspiring lawyer accompanying him in a training varied.

The participation in the labor ‘Firm Fla’, mediated by the coordination of the respective managers, will allow the student to immerse themselves in the concrete implementation of opinions and legal acts that will be evaluated and corrected individually.

Analysis of the file, legal and doctrinal research, elaboration of defensive strategy, preparation of professional opinions and legal acts are real activities that will allow the student to learn in a practical techniques of professional writing.

The initiative stems from the consideration of the fact that many practitioners have during their formative experience had the opportunity to experiment concretely with the complex management of a dossier.

The realization of professional opinions and legal acts in general, is on activities that do not always focuses the formative experience of the practitioner, often employed in the mere participation in hearings or business stationery.

These aspects, in the professional reality widespread, creating a gap in the concrete experience professional training of trainee lawyer, the course seeks to fill with effective participation in the activities of the study.

The activity aims, secondly, the objective of verifying the professional abilities of individual students in order to participate to the experiences of internships.

The activities will be made subject to a specific individual assessment, in order to allow the student to evaluate their own work in terms of drafting technique and deepening of the topics covered.

Candidates who demonstrate particular skills in fact human and professional will be offered the opportunity to access work experience at the partner sponsors of the course.

  1. c) The training experience after the course.

The innovation that drives the creation of the Ad-Vocatus course is realized in the choice of following the development of the student even after the exam .

The Foundation ‘ Floresta Longo ‘ fund , to students who have distinguished themselves during their training , participation in higher education courses in areas of particular interest for inclusion in the working world ( banking law , corporate and tax ) .

The enhancement of individual skills is the principle pursued by the Foundation and its partners in the implementation of the proposed initiative .

Experiences ‘in training’

The lectures will be accompanied by educational experiences of various kinds. Possible seminars involving both cultural activities in general that techniques for managing their emotions regarding the development of professional and human.

Recent meetings have a very specific purpose.

When examining the control of emotions plays a vital role in good performance in the test.

Failure to control their emotions could penalize the candidate’s performance.

For these reasons, the course will address this specific situation from a specialist in the field of ‘GNP Humanistic ‘that teach how to best face the moments of strong emotional pressure.

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